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I couldn’t keep a diary for the life of me, so I was wondering if I could somehow make it a habit…
One day, I realized that I could keep up with Twitter every day.

Then, why don’t we make it possible to write a diary while Twitter! That’s what I thought and created flour.

flour is a journaling app that allows you to keep track of your emotions while on Twitter.
The days of failing to keep a diary are over.

Main Features:

  • A simple Twitter client that displays a timeline without ads.
  • Mood Log to record your mood
  • Visualize your mood log as a graph or calendar.

※The content of the mood log is not published on Twitter, it is your own personal record.

You can use these basic functions for free.

The paid functions to be added in future updates will allow you to analyze your mental condition using Twitter data.


※TL is dummies so as not to infringe on rights.

App Store/Download link:

DL on Play Store​:point_down:

I’d really love to get some feedback!!