JSON file Youtube Videos Fetching all Video Ids - Help

i have the json file
i have saved it on json.txt i am putting here i cant give link due to API

json.txt (21.1 KB)


you can see one screnshot

it is from web get request there are multiple video id you can see in above text file

i want to fetch all the video id present on the json file you can see in above .txt file

these are mine blocks

and i want to fetch all the video ids i have no idea

this is the result

i got only one video id

so there are many video ids listed as a videos of youtube channel

i want to get all those help meeee

use for loop to display multiple data


can you pls show me what you mean, i need that too but in a other way. I have multiple API URL with different values. I know how to get the value out of the json tree what i need but i have more as 10 URL and i dont want to use 10 Web Components.?If you know how to do this pls let me know.

i should pay for help or what do you want to say me with that. i dont buy a aia but thanks for your post

I can help with that but i use In-built Function not an extension

Try to change the web url dynamically when you need it. This will only work if you want to fetch data from 1 url at a time.

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I am unable to download your json.txt. It’s unavailable

hey, to change the url dynamically with a variable is not the problem, but i have different labels for different values. The problem is i cannot say the first get call is for label 1 with value. Than if the label is loaded call the next web.get function. And if this loaded set the value to label 2 and so on. This will take for 10 labels with 10 values more as 150 blocks. This is too much. If i want 10 different items with 10 or 12 different values than i need more as 1000 blocks for that. and thats ridicolous.

I have to look for another option.

But thanks

Try this…