Json in spinner component use list


I’m going crazy but I can’t find the solution, I have to use two spinners to show the provinces in the first and the municipalities already filtered in the second but I can’t use a json file like this https://comuni-ita.herokuapp.com/api/comuni or a csv file like this.https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/serviziassociati730.appspot.com/o/ElencoComuni.csv?alt=media&token=38dd50ef-2068-40de-a2b1-7acccd27d11d

Keep giving me error I also tried to follow what was done here but without success.
can you help me?

JSON: Why not? Use the dictionary blocks (search forum for guides) to convert the json to lists, or to extract the keys and values you need for your spinner/s

CSV: What is the issue with using the csv file. You will need to show your relevant blocks.


Friend, get this Json in the Response Content of the Got event of the Component web. Use Json Decode Text block in Response Content. Then use the Lookup pairs Key Block. And take the Key you want: nome , regione , lat…

I try

you are just fantastic


Hi i try bur also error

what am I doing wrong?

The json is https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/serviziassociati730.appspot.com/o/italia_comuni.json?alt=media&token=eefe0ffc-aa7a-4df1-b77d-2d144a60f6cb

the block is

Help me :slight_smile:

i want list of nome of provincie


sorry if i’m late and i don’t understand but i’ve been going crazy for two days, i can’t even sleep.

I have to acquire a list of provinces from a json file you showed me how to import it the problem is the structure of the json.

I can’t point to the name of the province.

the main object is called regions which is an array which contains a list of objects which is called provinces which is in turn an array which contains the name as well as the code and another array which contains the municipalities.

I should extract the names of the provinces and insert them in a spinner then in another spinner show the municipalities filtered for the chosen province.

I can not make it!

the json file is this


Questi sono alcuni tentativi

Can you help me!

Thanks in advance

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Don’t open another topic with the same question. I merged them now.

Excuse me thanks

Use jsonparseronline to see the stucture of your json. What are you trying to get from that json ? Province’s name like Abruzzo or something else ?

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Please , Read

i need get in the first list the names of provinces

in the second list

the name of the comuni filter per provincia