Just do something of ads

(Androteq) #1

after the new 1.0 of makeroid or kodular every developer is getting the admob ads problome.
ads are not loading…

  • reward ad showing error ‘ad was not filled’…
  • kodular is showing more his ads than developer…
  • we have about 10k page views but impressions is 200-1k & click 1-5…
  • spended more than $200 on advertisement but we are getting just 000000000…
  • we compile app more than 50 times in that we get sometimes ads working…
  • we are making apps from past 6 months & we are regreting now why we have done this muchh labour because we are getting nothing…
    kodular is fixing all the bugs and issues but why not this
    thats why people don’t want to make apps on kodular after this muchh features.


(Daniel) #2

Ads are not features. They re just things that make the UI look bad, and the users and event the creators who put ads on their apps hate they (as it’s seen here)

(Androteq) #3

i din’t said feature to ads , i said the components and blocks is more than other

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #4

I think you should know we are on Version 1.2.1 and Makeroid no longer exists…

That is because there are no available ads to show
Google Ads work by a bid auction. Each ad has a quality score. If your app is a low quality one, then probably there won’t be any ads to show on it…
However, if your app is a good one, that doesn’t mean all ads will show. If you just look at Play Store apps, you will find that the majority of them use several ad networks in case one of them cannot show any ad

That error only means that Google doesn’t have any suitable ad to show on your app
It is not a Kodular error…


And regarding the clicks, may I ask you how many times you click on ads you see on others’ apps?
The rate between impressions and clicks doesn’t mean anything

Sometimes ad campaigns aren’t the answer for a successful app

As I’ve said, that is a Google Ad Network behaviour, not Kodular one
We used all Google Ads documentation

That is probably because Google changed how ads are shown
If the number of publishers increases, but not the number of advertisers, there will be the same ads to show for a higher number of placements. This means that the number of fill error will increase, and consequently the number of ads which not show too

We are already trying to improve how we show ads, but we cannot do anything as the majority of the problem comes from Google Ads Display Network…

(Robert Crum) #5

People won’t download your app if you put ads to it.

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #6

Umm… Which people? ADs not working is simply not a problem (Peter knows.)

Do what you love, because you love it. Banner ADs are just plain bad.

(Androteq) #7

Download, about 99% have ads & it is downloading

(Androteq) #8

All admob ads have problem, not loading.

Many people are facing this problem

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #9

So what? Those people are the ones making Earning Apps. :unamused:

(Androteq) #10

Not earning apps, usefull apps but ads are not working properly

(Nikhil27B YT) #11

ads working perfectly for me in kodular

(Santosh Kumar) #12

I m also getting this same problem

And I think that makeroid started and closed earlier and come again with many features but again makeroid converted to kodular

And ads problem will be life time in kodular

Ye sirf apni pet puja karege


(Santosh Kumar) #13

We are not making earning app then why ads are not displaying on our apps tell me

(Santosh Kumar) #14

But why not for me

(Yusuf Cihan) #15

Then don’t use ads, that’s it. You don’t have to put ads. There are several ways to earn money from apps if you are looking for the earn money.

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #16

Kodular is possibly the most actively developed App Inventor distribution out there, and with the amount of dedication put in by the developers and the community, Kodular is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Bugs are crushed rapidly, and new features come very often. The developers listen and interact, and that’s something you should appreciate.

Who are you referring to as “Ye”? The developers? They aren’t charging you a single penny for their services.

(Nathan) #17

Ads are not a feature. It’s a real privilege in this world. If you abuse it then you lose it. All you guys wanna do is make money. You do less hard work than Kodular developers do in a day. So can yourself. You don’t need to get paid for your so called “hard work”. I do more work than your apps probably handle. Do I use ads? No not anymore.

(Santosh Kumar) #18

99% people are earning through Google ads on then why will we earn from other methods

(Santosh Kumar) #19

Sir we need ads that can be served on our apps in which we should earn some money fix the Google ads problem or delete that component

I have just checked 3 online app inventers just now kodular, appybuilder and thunkable and appybuilder is working fine to display Google ads …

And I know sir that kodular is the best online app inventors but do something of Google ads

(Nathan) #20

Ok if it’s that difficult to add Google Billing inside your app as a donation, then use ads. If you can’t sit there and out “more hard work” into your apps. Then what’s the point?