Kanishka_Developer - Open to offers

Hey there. You’ve probably seen me on the forums, helping people out. I’m pretty good with the Makeroid platform, and although I’m not a full-time programmer, I try to do my best.

How I operate: Advice is free. I’ll probably help you with a bug for free. Seriously, that’s the reason I scour the forums; searching for challenges to solve. If you need me to make an app for you, that requires some more consideration.

  • Don’t just give up after asking for advice. Nothing is more annoying than that.
  • If you want me to make an app, tell me that directly; slowly moving from free help spanning weeks to “Make it for me” doesn’t work out.
  • The making an app depends on a lot of factors.
    • The time of the year: I can’t devote a ton of time to app development with exams looming over me. I just can’t.
    • Be clear on exactly what you want.
    • I’ll not charge anything if I am unable to make an app.
    • Give me at least a month to make an app. I’ll provide an estimate, but bugs do occur.

Cost: $25 onwards for an app; may rise above $25 depending on complexity, but never below.

Payments only on PayTM.




i dont have telegram
email and whatsapp only