Kawa compile time: 28.564 seconds ________Invoking DX YAIL compiler - DX execution failed

I have created app with the following summary. When i export .apk it show DX execution failed. If i delete some arrangements it then successfully downloaded and if i download .aab file without deleting those arrangements it is also successfully downloaded and show no error. Now i want to make some more changing in my app but due to DX execution i am not able to do this…What should i do next?

19k blocks in same screen may be the cause of your problem…

Do not use that must

Instead try to implement
When any label clicked, when any cardview clicked…

Too much of components also too many screens certainly you will face it.

You cont find solution untill you reduce all

Main causes

19k blocks are not same screen. There are 33 screen and these contains different numbers of blocks…

Main cause 33 screens . Try to reduce it

If i delete two arrangements then it successfully downloaded…and i when i again create same number of arrangements it show same error.

Reason and suggestions already added .

It is really hard to give proper suggestion untill you reduce it. After deleting two HA it compiles mean, it is your luck but do not believe that luck, at anytime it may get strucked or app mayynot open properly

Hardwork should not be go waste,

Too much pain you have taken but try to reconsider with your screens, and try to imply with any components block as i said

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