Keystore Problem automatically keystore changed

Here the image Play Console not accept the app update

I checked my all projects keystore fingerprint recently all the keystore fingerprint is same

Please help me i aM in big problem

All projects all projects keystore are same

no you need to change because every project have different keystore

But I have problem my every project hase same SHA1 Key

You create a custom keystore for your aab file

Just create a keystore and sign your aab file easy

I am not creating custom key stores

I found one solution

Send the keystore update for Google Play Console

.pem file

THANKS FOR TRYING HELP TO ME​:slightly_smiling_face:

Since when?


Really ?? If the keystore have different finger print

I was thinking that if it has different finger print than it will be different keystore

Is I am right ? :sweat_smile:

All Your Projects are Signed with Same Keystore

I don’t know how the happen but I update the keystore fingerprint in play Console

If All my projects have the same keystone, can I sign all my ABB file with the same signing file?

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