Keystore something's not right

I got the following error when I try to import the Keystore file.
Keystore SHA1: something’s not right
My Keystore file name is mmconstitution-key and I changed the extension like mmconstitution.keysotre.
Is there any suggestion for my error?

Yes, the name of the keystore has to be android.keystore and the default value for it must be, see below

Hello Boban

Thanks for your message.
I will explain my current condition.
I have an old Keystore file and the name is mmconstitution-key.
I changed the name of Keystore file into android.keystore file with KeyStore Explorer software.

As I understand that I have to do more steps in Keystore file as follows.

  1. Default Keystore Password - android
  2. Default Keystore Alias - androidkey
  3. Default Key Password - android
    Am I right?
    If it is true, can you suggest me the suitable software name to change those 3 things?
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Hello Boban

Thanks for your instruction.
Now I can upload my new app with old key file.
I used KeyStore Explorder software to change your password, Alias.

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Glad to be of help and sorry for delay however, you managed to solve it by your self


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