Keystores for apps

I was created 15 apps from my previous appybuilder ID and my all (15 apps) is now still live in play store. I was forgotten to backup my all apps keystore.

So, I want to know , My all apps key is same ? Because my all apps created by same appybuilder ID.

When I Recover my 1 Apps key from Google play store then Can I use this key in to my another apps ?

Same keystores will be used for all apps.


No keystore is restored by Google, but a new one is assigned. This affects ONLY the app for which the request was made.

Therefore, you have to do this procedure for every app you want to update.

why i need for key-store where i use it ? is this key like a password when i want to make any action for my app like delete or update or what ? thank u

to generate signed apk