KI04 PDF extension crops content

I am creating an to create bill but facing problem for printable layout.
The pdf that i creating is too big for the printable layout but if i am decreasing the laout size then the full bill is not coming… need urgent help.
aia is attached below if anyone can hep please do, i will be really grateful…
Billing.aia (43.6 KB)

can anyone please help?

Share Your Blocks…
So community can help

i have shared my aia please check and help

You mean the billpaper is longer than the expected possible pdf print paper. As I see maybe you can rearrange the content by using two, three columns and so on?

didnt get you can you please elaborate?

your problem is: the bill output extends the possible maximum pdf format. So maybe you have to ask the extension developer of KIO4_PdfS.

He is using PostScript-Format, so maybe you have to change format settings:

changing your PDF Content arrangement.
Instead of listing vertically, you can arrange it horizontally and so on.

i have tried vertically as well changing the width and height still same problem can you help now. pdf is creating only problem is with layout

Set TextSize to 10 or 11. in Labels

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vertical arrangement keep hight and width fill parent and every level font size must be with in 10

did that too still the same

Why i am trying to print the bill this much only comes

plz set scale fit to screen

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which scale?

from your ss i saw that printer setting is not ok,from where u set print scale fit to screen

At least a good advice

I opened the pdf file in the program and not in the browser to print, decided for me