Kio4 pdf reader

Problem in accessing asset file (pdf) in KIO4 pdf extension
Path for companion test : Makeroid/assets/filename (WORKS WELL)

Path for production (apk) : android_asset/filename (NOT WORKING)

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I know the reason.

you must not write android_asset/filename but, android_asset/filename.pdf

.pdf is essential here

Try and tell if it works

@Prasenjit_Dutta Did it work ???

filename.pdf also not working

Can you please show the error you get or maybe a simple screenshot

Kindly share us the Show log error there by people can help you.

Runtime Error
Open Failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

Do you applied storage permission?

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yes applied storage permission

I hope the problem is, You called your app to open when the screen initialize, it is wrong block for the app. Because when the screen initialize you have to ask permission if it is granted mean then only app can open the pdf after clicking any button. But you mingled both in the same block. Kindly separate it. Permission and the pdf file path into different blocks

Not working at all

If possible share the screen with us as ais file or as a aia file to find out the problem

read the documentation about how to access files from the assets… any link to the documentation?
is it even possible?
you can try to access it like this //2017.pdf

sorry, but something like this will not work…


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