KIO4_VU_METER Runtime Error

Whenever I use the blocks KIO4VU_meter StartForCompanion or KIO4VU_meter StarForGooglePlay I get 2 runtime errors :thinking:

The first one

The second is just blank :neutral_face:

Have you granded permission android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO on screen initialize ?

@dora_paz Yea I did so and the problem still persists​:neutral_face:

Maybe the developer @juananton1991 could help you with the problem

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Try this

Vumeter1.aia (6.7 KB)


@juananton1991 It didnt work
The same runtime error kept showing so many times that my phone started to became unresponsive but I somehow managed to close the app :sweat:


What version of Android do you use?

@juananton1991 I use android 11


On Android 11 try:

Vumeter1A11.aia (8.6 KB)


Thanks, It works

@juananton1991 Also can you please give me the download link of the working extension used in this project?

com.KIO4_VUmeterA11.aix (6.3 KB)


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