Kodular 1.4D support version

I need to know whether The new Kodular 1.4D can support new version of Android (10.1 )??

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Why do you ask? Kodular can build for API 29 = Android 10 since Version 1.4C.5

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I had given the older version apk file of my app to him so that he could test it . His version is 10.1 and it doesnot work . Similarily , another friend who has android 9 faces this problem .

Any error message while installing your app?
Check your minimum API.

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Minimum is 4.4 android version .

The Andoid version of a device has nothing to do with the Kodular version. My old Kodular apps (still before Kodular was targeting API 28) also run without problems on devices with Android 10 and even Android 11.

But Kodular has to respect the deadlines that Google specifies as to when a certain API level has to be targeted. So Kodular now targets API 29 (Android 10). The default minSdkVersion in Kodular is API 19 (Android 4.4). So the app can only be installed on devices with Android >= 4.4 (KitKat).

In short, Android versions are backwards compatible.
So the problem is with your app and not Kodular.


I had tested the same apk file in my phone and another phone (9 and 8.1) , The apk is working in those environment .

My point is the app apk file works in certain version while it is not working in other . I had tested in 6 , 7 too

Post the APK.

List the devices and Android versions that are working / not working.

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Sorry , i cannot post the apk file in community .

Itel - android 9 [Working]
Samsung J2 core - android 8.1 [Working]
Poco - android 10.1 (udated versiion ) [ Not working ]
Samsung - android 9 [Not working ]

And where does the apk work or not? That was what @bodymindpower was asking.

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Hi @bodymindpower , @Peter @Mohamed_Tamer
This is apk file which i gve to my friend ; But this file turned to be a bin file.
Here is the screenshot of the error too;
Do look . He uses android 10.1 , Poco phone

The above screenshot was also shown when i gave to my friend who used samsung android 9

The problem users face while dowloading te same apk file from google playstore .

try to rename your .bin file to .apk and then check.

This post might help

Okay , but my doubt is , i am publishing my app in google playstore ; so there might be a chance right this apk wont work in some phones due to this persistant problem ?