Kodular and Node JS API

Hi, I’m creating a Kodular front application for an API written in Node JS. Therefore, I use the Web component to send HTTP requests. However, when using the Post Text block, my Node application does not receive the parameters passed in the request body (email and password). My API in Node JS claims that the value of the email parameter is undefined. Has anyone had a similar problem? Can you help me? Thank you very much in advance. Below are images of the attached problem.

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how does your Node application expect the values?
any example from another languages? any documentation?


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You have only tried to use web.post + join with parameters and values. I join the parameters with &. email = textbox1.text & password = textbox2.text

This way it doesn’t work:


Body parameters, see:


Only Node example ?

What happens ?

The same previous problem.

This example in Node was it done by you?

you forgot to answer these questions


Common languages among those that DO have documentation, would lack the same variation.

Your solution

Use Request Headers instead, and the set them back to an empty list when you’re no longer using the same headers.


Encrypt your email & password someway before completing the POST request because even though it is uncommon (with HTTPS connections), the connection can still be intercepted. On the server-side (usually when authenticating), also save the email & password in the encrypted format (when creating the account) and then compare both the encrypted email & password on request to see if the user is authenticated and have the request completed.