Kodular App Crashed

Hi , I Created app in Kodular Social Tools ( WhatsApp tools ) but when i export my app it’s running well. But now it’s crashed i checked all blocks & Components nothing is wrong. & My app is Published in Play Store So Please tell me how to fix it because I don’t want to user’s uninstall my app. I attached Video. Thanks

Looks like you use a clock component that you forgot to disable and keeps firing or that you are not switching screens correctly

Yes @dora_paz is right
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app works perfectly when i installed from playstore

Download app, could not replicate error

Yes i used Clock in Screen 1 ( Time enable & fire always unselected ) & app is working properly but when i update app 4 days ago i added Rate us link. Now it’s crashed same my other apps is crashed :pensive:

For me it works ok, tested on android 9, according to about this app version is 1.3

Latest Version 1.4 So why crashed in my Mobile … My Android version is Android 11

Use logcat to find what causes the error. Also from playstore I have this app version

Are App is working properly in your mobile ?

WhatsApp status saver is not working in android 11

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