Kodular App Not Working Properly in Some specific devices

My Application Not Working properly in some devices,all offline pages are working in all devices but in some devices online contents are not loading

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add little more details like what are online features and how are devices behaving, little detail can help use to understand your question well.

I thought I was the only one

The exact same thing is happening with me

The app is working fine in offline.
But when I am trying to call data from firebase or save data to the firebase database, in some devices it is working properly while in others it is not.
Although its airtabl is working fine

and not just one it’s happening for all the apps that I have created from my account

I am really frustrated It took too much time to create my app and know this is happening to all my apps.
My users are sending messages on social media that the app is not working.

I don’t know what to do…

Sombody please HELP

The same problem with my app. App works properly on my own device oppoA37. Firebase database loaded well and properly, but when I try on some other devices data not loaded (not showing any error). I am confused if there is any problem then why working on my device, if everything is okay then why not loading data on other devices.
Please help me.
Dear Dhiraj and kodular community please help me.

same thing happens to me the app work fine in the device which i download first and if i share apk file to other using whatsapp then some buttons not working properly other things are perfect and in one device when i tap pay now then it automaticly shows cancle