Kodular Community App (Unofficial) [OpenSource AIA]

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I installed your apk… but it only shows webviewer nothing else & this reply is via your app webviewer.

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I am not sure, but isn’t it this “App”:

I get to there with this:

Or am I wrong?

This is the Chrome app… For pc only

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Edit: @WatermelonIce was faster than me :grin:

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Ok thx I didn’t know it… :sleeping:

To more explain my previous post that I just deleted, you can use the Discourse API. Basically you just add .json to the end of the communities URL… For example try this so see Diegos profile in JSON form. Or try this to see this topic in JSON form. This is how you can make API requests.

However a user cannot sign in with the API and even signing in on Chrome and trying this will still not allow you to get the users private information. The only thing you can really do is make an app so you can view topics and users or tags and groups.


Thank you very much

In that case I recommend that you read about the User API Keys and something about the Reverse Engineering of Discourse API

I also recommend you to do everything using a sandbox instance, so you can add advanced functions, for example for users who are moderators or administrators

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You need to login

This app is under development

It also works on mobile. It’s Discourse’s PWA.


:fire: The App is now open source.

Kodular Community App (Unofficial)
As I discontinued the development of the app, I decided to make it open source.
Go to Post #1 for the aia file.

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I already mentioned it in the first post as a note.

I did not see that.

why suddenly promoting this app? By the way it is good with home page only(well dsigned with dynamic views) but whatever we click it redirects to inbuild browser so why do we have to use it…? sorry if i am wrong

I released this 9 months ago as an incomplete app, thinking of developing it as time goes.
But I discontinued developing.
Now I decided to make it open source because I am no longer developing it.
Anyone can use the AIA, modify, improve, continue developing. Can use it however they want.

I am not promoting it. Just made it open source.
Please read above post.