Kodular companion horizontal arrangement limit?

Hi everybody, is there a limitation in the max number of horizontal arrangements you can have in a single screen? (on companion)

I have been designing an app and when i dropeed the # 6 horiz arrangement kodular’s companion screen on phone went white, i cleared companion cache and data and restarted again and no screen. So I started deleting components that I added lastly and when i deleted 1 horizontal arrangement screen came back to normal

Very weird behavior so i just wanted to share here with you, cheers

I have used a lot more than 6 arrangements in a single screen, so I don’t think that’s a problem. When that happens, check the size of the last arrangement you added, change it and see if the other components show up again. I’m sure the problem is the placement of the arrangement. Also if you can, post the aia.

Its weird i never see that happen before, but it’s no big deal i can change my components in a different way, just wanted to share

If you can, try the same disposition in an empty project. If it happens again, post the aia here so we can see what’s going on.


Just a thought, is your companion updated?

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Yes companion is updated

Ok guys i figured it out, It’s just a control naming thing, i wasnt changing default name for horizontal arrangements so i guess the auto rename with a +1 failed in some point. Just rename every control and it will be fine (I know its not a good practice to keep label1 label2 etc… lol)

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I read in another thread that this is a current bug. Hoping it will be fixed soon.

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I’m not having any kind of this issues, copy & paste, duplicate, I’ve tried to add 50+ of the same component and it works as it should

Did you by any chance enabled performance mode

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