Kodular Creativity - UI Designs, Animations, and Blocks

@ontstudios @Techno_Vedang Never mind, just UI

its Just A Copy Of One App available on Play store and it was an Requirement of one friend so i made it else i am also against using earning app. and this discussion is about ui so i am presenting all available ui i have currently.


Here is a simple design for Side Menu


When I was new to Kodular I created earning apps with tons of ads, 3 banner and 4 interstitial in 1 screen, I was not knowing that earning app’s exits in our earth, I learnt from bad YouTubers about earning app. They just wanted to earn money, They are the expert of AdMob :crazy_face: and earning apps with rubbish content.

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Looks good clean and simple UI.

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Earning apps are not very useful but passing such comments

is just discouraging developers and should be avoided


You’re right, still

Read this, they only know about Admob and other ad networks :joy:


Yea You Are Correct because Of Some Misunderstanding people Think They Can Earn Money By Making Earning App Only.

You are right. I have seen a lot of videos in which they will show you how to add a lot of ads everywhere in your app :joy: :joy:

Ok so lets stop taking about earning apps and talk about UI design and creativity.

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@VSatish Can you show blocks

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of Custom Dialogue???
blocks (20)

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Yes Custom Dialogue

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My first creativity, App name - Anti Mosquito pro (Not real) This was once on google play, It was my first app and I really like the UI design of my app that time. 6 Months ago :sweat_smile:

(Related to UI)

What banner ad in dialog also , :rofl: You are the real earner of Admob :joy:


You are going #off-topic in your own topic :dizzy_face::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Related to UI, I have put 2 off topic tag

Currently it related to ads/money :sweat_smile:

Don’t take it seriously, I am just saying you. :slight_smile::wink:

How’s this unique bottom sheet??

Don’t focus on UI… Its incomplete


WOW it’s nice which icons you have used, can you pls share it?