Kodular Creativity - UI Designs, Animations, and Blocks

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XOMA Copy a Complex Available Design of Any Platform.

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how to make this designs

Which Design? @nimra_butt

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app store ui

stop we already say we won’t.





i thaught only i am DH

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Please don’t request for someone/me to create UI designs for your app, also if we do we don’t provide AIA in most of the times as we designers spend hours (NO JOKE) selecting/choosing themes, fonts, making designs, unique things and other things. And these days no one work for free :rofl::sweat_smile:. In this topic, we already have hundreds of UI designs and new are posted every few hours. Even when I was new my UI was worst! Check out my first post UI designs and mine latest one, you’ll see much difference in UI. Hope you understood @nimra_butt.


@nimra_butt. How we do ? Kodular has components for layout. Components that have size, color, image, font. That way with creativity, Algorithm, study, research the Layouts are created. Here in the forum there are several guides (this has already been said to you).



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Please use only one “O” After “G”

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#UI challenge 2 discontinued

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Top Sites for Creating Best UI || Free Graphics and Illustrations || 2020 || Xoma Devs


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If someone don’t want they can you say me why? :smile:

Change - Now it will generate more random secure password than before :smile:

But how we learn these password it’s very hard :sweat_smile:

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Just save somewhere :smile:

Also, I already have solution for that - Use API (Onnline)

Still trying to learn … but the backend routines are complex and it takes up my time
The first is missing alignment hits. It is a routine for the student to re-enroll in the next school year. It is a confirmation that he will continue to study at school. The second is the student app options menu.

1- Exit
2- Consult School Notes
3- Consult Pending Documents
4- Be present in class
5- Renew Registration
6- Consult Ready Documents at the Secretariat