Kodular Deleting Large Music Files

I added 6 Music Files which are around 3-10 MB sizes. Kodular is deleting those files after reload.

Better use online storage

1. aia size:

2. max file size for uploading to assets:

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add the assets after you download the apk
you can decompile the apk and add the assets you want (images, mp3s, etc.) and then compile and sign the apk and use it, this is a better way if you are using big files.

If he wants to create a new app, he must upload an AAB file to the Play Developer Console.

APKs can only be used for apps uploaded to the Play Store before Aug 1, 2021.

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Thanks for All the Replies. I was offline so could not respond.

  1. I want an Offline Player for personal use so Online db cannot be used.
  2. The Idea of Uploading Assets After compliling is good
  3. I request Kodular to increase file size limit.

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