Kodular does not Work fine with Airtable

Hello everyone!!

I’m finishing my first little project, but I have a problem with Airtable.

I have a list of customer orders. IdOrder | IdCliente | Date…
I have another list with the detail of the orders. IdOrder | Article | Quantity

When I want to delete an order, I delete it from the first list of Orders and then, I go through the second list and the lines that have the same IdOrder that I want to delete, I delete them from the list and from airtable. I do this with a Loop.

What is happening to me is that when there are many lines to delete, Airtable does not have time to delete them all. So I add a 250-millisecond pause so airtable can do it, but sometimes, as in the video, it can’t erase everything either.

In the video I attach, you can see in airtable what happens. First I delete from my APP in Kodular the order number 55, and Airtable “forgets to delete” many rows. Then I add the pause of 250 milliseconds and I delete again the order number 55 and only olive 1 record. (usually deletes them all).

Something I’m doing wrong, because it can’t depend on the internet speed of Airtable executing all the commands it is given.

How should I do this process?

Thanks in advance!!

The process blocks.

By the way, why doesn’t the ShowProgressDialog block appear? :thinking:

Any suggestions??:disappointed_relieved: