Kodular E : Ads Commission System

how much time it take to approve

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IDK, it’s still under review…

I’m astonished with the fact that it is still under review…

Maybe they think it’s an earning app…which it technically is I suppose.

@Diego Upload apk to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/internalappsharing and give us the link
It’s so much easier, instantaneous and it won’t make any difference to you or us

I made a little trick and I think it’s now live

Can you check?

My device is a OnePlus 6 (Android 9)

Yeah, I know :man_facepalming:

Because that’s Version Code 12, and the one that is being processed is Version Code 13, which is fixed…
Come on Google…

However gave to use the application! Instead of clicking “End Application” I clicked off the notification and the application ran perfectly

Use this APK while Google “approves” it

commission (1).apk (5.5 MB)

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Why Admob Ads doesn’t show Banner Option ?
Does it mean that Admob banner has no commission ?

Just an opinion and suggestion. How about having monthly commission statement send to our email every month. That’s really transparency, we support kodular so much, and loved what more coming, but having this kind of services it is good to satisfied both sides.


you got a point ! this will bring transparency !


Right :+1:


I want to ask a question components like lottie, custom package name, bottom sheet and many more which is older components than why commision is added to this every components increase 1-2 % and nothing is new so i agree for commission in new components like Google play games which is in update but also for custom package name this is more.
Commision applys for monetization components only not for using other components to increase percentage and deducy fron monetization revenue.


Second question is which is clarify all users is
If i use 3 monetization Admob, Adcolony, Apploin and i uses all extra features and all components so according to app maximum is 43%.
So it apply only for one monetization admob or all three components and different percentage 43% , 41% , 42% on all of these separately

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My app has only Admob Banner component fro ads and a few components that have commission levied on, like lottie, In-App Updater and Bottom sheet.

Since admob banner has no commission how kodular is going to take commission from my app ?

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I thinnk nothing

If you use only Admob Banner and/or Rewarded Video then we don’t take commission


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