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Please refer to this topic for updates on fixes for bugs introduced in Kodular Fenix 1.5.0

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Fixed, awaiting release :white_check_mark:

Webview displaying problem fixed
WEB VIEWER BUG : Kodular FENIX 1.5.0
Webview Bug, pls fix it
Space at the top of webview after new release
File componet read block error 2101 after fenix recompile
ERROR CAMARA ( Run time Error Attemp to invoke virtual method ┬┤Android.content.pm.providerinfo.loadxmlmetadata)on a null objet referenc
Push Notification Opened
Web view not work properly
Video player video error after Fenix update - can hear sound but no visuals!
Webview doesn't work on Fenix?
After the update problem WebViewer
Application not responding after kodular Fenix update
How to remove blank space between header and web viewer in an app?
Surface view issue
Firebase Authentication in Play Store Error after Kodular Fenix Update
Webview Problem in update
PLYR Video Player Show Error
The "Sharing" component - how it works in Fenix?
[Guide] Migrate your project's extension to Kodular new Version
CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer
Webview Has Whitespace Blocking the Top Half of the Screen
[Critical] broken Korean app name
Webview Half Screen Issue - Kodular Fenix 1.5.0
Problem with space and horizontal arragment
Youtube Player Error After New Update
Problemas con el push notifications
Youtube player is not working in android 10
After Upadate Web viewer Not Working?
File component problem with directory create
In app billing for subscription
Unable to open pdf file from asd through activity starter after fenix update
Excess top margins when using the Web Viewer and webstring
When clicking on Bag Pack, it doesn't open but the Whole Kodular Website Stops Working
Is this a bug? Quite Irritating
State progress bar is not working
State Progress Bar bugs maybe?
App crashing when open another screen with start value btn is clicked
Firebase storage problem
Cannot find the component: Vertical Arrangement 1 , AFTER FENIX UPDATE
Button with image won't hide (a bug probably)
Build fails while using an extension with UsesServices annotation
Build fails while using an extension with UsesServices annotation
How to fix this?
State Progress Bar Problem
Error when entering a new screen
Runtime error : google map failed resolution of:lorg/locationtech/jts/geom/GeometryFactory
Error in State Progress Bar
SQLite/Notifier/Button not working the first time
Attempt to invoke virtual method when calling camera.take picture
Auto change in blocks!
Goodle map don't load map
Arrangements "visible" option not working
Webviewer screen error
WebViewer not working correctly in landscape mode
Problem in Webview To view website
State Progress Bar causes errors
YouTube player component component not working
Web Viewer Not working
Camera component error
Package gets deleted automatically
YouTube Player create Issue when video playing
Web Viewer not working properly after using Keyboard
Web Viewer not working properly after using Keyboard
Webviewer is not working properly. Webviewer is showing half screen half screen blank
Why is camera doesn't show. in component kodular, its not extension! ist a bug? please help me. thanks yo
Why is camera doesn't show. in component kodular, its not extension! ist a bug? please help me. thanks yo
Admob banner moving under card view
Activity Starter Error after Update the Package Name. Pls help me
Video player component
WebView Not working Properly
Problem after Update to Fenix 1.5
Any update on Webview bug fix? I am waiting for update, as I have to update my app on playstore.
Youtube player is not working in android 10
start. io ads Problem
Run time error in pdf viewer extension - after fenix update
CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer
Kodular does not find components in app Imported from appinventor, even if I remove and reinstall them, such as clock
When title Bar is visible Webviewer is unusable
FENIX - what wrong with my app?
Bug in DeviceUtilities.GetIMEI
Webview and customwebview not working in samsung note 10 after update
Web Viewer on screen placement issue
Bug in DeviceUtilities.GetIMEI
Unable to Share File with Sharing Component
Error exporting my app - "Something went wrong!"
After the update problem WebViewer
Face book ads not showing Kodular Fenix
you tube embedded player not properly work in kodular new updation
you tube embedded player not properly work in kodular new updation
Bug in video player component
After update kodular webview collapses!
After update kodular webview collapses!
Webview Bug, pls fix it
Webview problem
Bug trying to download the apk http error
Application does not compile
Bug in downloading APK
Spinner Color Error
App crash after picking selection from list view.
There's something wrong with the new component
Apk from mitt app inventor-how to compile as aab
"Push Notifications" Component's "Notification Opened" is Not Working
Build failed by "unseen extension"
My app hasn't been approved for monetization since 3 months now
Switch Button Bug
I cant download blocks as image
Screen copying bug renaming components unexpectedly
Is it a bug? [Animation Utilities]
Spreadsheet Component is not Working
Blocks are not saving properly after closing kodular
kodular companion not connecting
Unbound location null
The installed apk file does not open
Bug regarding the block Replace List Item with TinyDB.Get Value
Companion bugs out -> no connection
Login problem android 9
Accent Color always set to pink?
Build failed due to compile stage error please help
List view component giving error
"Internal error has occurred" when trying to connect via USB
"Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'match')" when exporting APK-file for project imported from MIT App Invenvtor
My App Freeze When Opening for 1 - 2 minutes
Hello kodular community friends
Kodular website is showing hidden button text
Youtube_Player poor performance, crappy footage and video stops
Got Received Shared is not executed for text files
Replace not work with \r\n
Block not showing in new version
1.5.3 Fenix Bugs
Get Plain Start Text = *nothing* bug
Activity starter problem android 11 for type Response
Firebase authentication in not working
Kodular store broken
Cannot override textbox highlight and cursor color with textbox properties
Can't show a chinese app name
App name error ( Korean is broken T.T)
Help after updating kodular, unbound location null
Broken unicode in app name
Webview Page Loaded Bud
Onesignal component not working in Fenix 1.5.2 Release
Kodular Companion App Error V1.5.2 Fenix

The bug tracker has been updated with the latest status on each of the bugs identified in the current release.

The update will come in a few days, hopefully before the start of August as we are yet to finish all the work required to target API 30 (Android 11).

Beta server will be updated in a few days. You will be notified via Discord.


Hi everyone

We will be releasing a bug fix update some time around 2021-08-02T12:00:00Z.

Please note that we will not be bumping the target SDK version to 30 in the upcoming release.

Thanks for your patience!