Kodular is growing!

(KrishuTech) #66

Great achievement
And we hope that in next one more 0 will added

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #67

@Peter we have more than 80k users :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #68

Prepare for an avalanche. :joy:

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #69

Hmm I can’t exceed the 32k character limit. We’ll need Peter to provide us with images. :joy:


4000 x 2000 pixels. If you zoom in you can see the kodular logos. All 80000.

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #71

No waayyy :joy:

There they are :joy:

(Daniel) #72

Also, today I received this screenshot from the future (from 2021-12-30T23:00:00Z):


(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #73

I really like how we have more users than people in the world :joy:

(Daniel) #74

In 2021 there will be much more people and also didn’t you know that everyone will use Kodular?

(Daniel) #75

I think I have my new desktop wallpaper
I better give it to @Diego, with this he can always keep an eye on all the kodular users :smile:

Original image by Peter, logo credit goes to Kodular

(Robert Crum) #76

200k creator apps!

(David Ningthoujam) #77

can i use this as wallpaper of my desktop too? :joy:

(Daniel) #78

Yeah lol
But keep in mind it’s not my creation

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #79

its very funny

(Daniel) #80

Everyone talks and likes a funny post (Diego’s) about another post (mine), but nobody likes the another (mine) only the funny (DIego’s) post.

Life is hard guys :joy:

EDIT: LOL? now i have more likes on this than on the original :joy:

(David Ningthoujam) #83

@Diego now how much user? I’m very excited to know :heart_eyes:

(Daniel) #84

Here you can see all the stats:

(David Ningthoujam) #85

Can we get the new updated image of 84k :joy:

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #86

Those stats are just updated once per day or so, as Google updates them not too often
Last stats are from 12 January 2019 at 09:43:28 GMT

(David Ningthoujam) #87

Many users are online today. I wish we will hit 200k or more users this year :pray::pray::pray: