Kodular is unable to compile this project, error in the Compile stage

And what does error log shows when apk compiles fail ?

How many screens you have??

No error log appears. It stops at only 100 percent. :joy:

This issue already exists with several solutions.

Seeking and researching solutions is part of learning.

The subject does not need to be repeated 1000 times.

Just read the old solutions.

Again… again…again…🤷


I have just 3 screen but
I have many many firebase

How many assets do you have ? How large is your project ? Delete a few images from assets and try again

Make sure you are having latest extension in project

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I see. But I’m in a hurry because the deadline is just around the corner.

Do it and gain learning


Download aia, upload it to https://unchive.kodular.io/ and post a screenshot of Summary

I give up… it’s another topic with the same answers and the same routines to be checked for 1000 times… again again again…




Thank you so much.

This is a screenshot.

Reduce the size of your png and try


See size limits for aia and apk

Also see

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check error bolcks and remove or correct that

Error is caused due to project size @Shatrudhn_Kumar

I have the same problem as him, but I can’t find the error. can you help me? my total size of assets weighs only 4mb

Post your aia here or pm me

I have pm you. Please check your mailbox. Thank you very much.

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