Kodular next update

may be staff didn’t made that in this update

It will be added on next major release probably

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I think many know that yesterday there was something, I will not call it and but there 0% of the Commission and there are blocks applovin ads and unity ads, zplayads for free. Is applovin ads planned here?

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you can use applovin ads using the extension available here:

You can repair Component Chat Viewer in the next update
In terms of moving to a required place

I hope it is grid view

Without a grid view you will not be great

No , kodular is great even now, GridView will just boost it up

You say that Grid View can make any builder GREAT ?

Many applications need these items

They do not exist and if they find it expensive



some people uses game guardian, patcher to get firebase token and spreadsheet api key… Is this really work game guardian…?? plz reply…fast

is it possible with kodular… and how to vote…??

Well you must keep your firebase permission false to prevent others from writing it… You may search community for this

Does the next update contain a card view

Very excited:love_you_gesture::fire::fire::fire:

We already have a card view component.

Exo player still doesn’t work…

Create a bug topic if you dont already have one.
And instead of “doesn’t work” tell us what you tried!


When resuming the song start from the beginnings…

But now everything is okay, I’m sorry because i didt update companion app.


I know it exists and it is wonderful

One of the strongest additions

I mean

This is what Sander said

This is what mika said