Kodular notifier did not work properly

When i complete a action for first time notifier is ok but when i work this action again then notifier did not work properly

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Read this topic and then try again with more info.


I also face this problem

congratulations to this detailled problem description (sarcasm)
please read @Peter’s answer and then try again with more info



this will help you, because you are not switching screens correctly

I don’t use this method because of this method app Works very slow and lag too much

for us working perfectly fine,

I don’t think so

Well its your own opinion , i said for Us, i have been using this in all of my apps, which are up to 50+ now, in all of that working perfect, i dont know what you guys are making and how you all are using that, i can suggest only, else on you to do it or not.


If you do not use the correct method of switching screens then notifiers will not work, it has been like this since way back

Either use it only on one screen or buy dialog extension

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I don’t think so it’s correct method to switching screen because of this method As i said before. app works slow and lag too much

You don’t seem to understand how notifiers work in Kodular


I am facing this problem in my last app. When the notifier is triggered it works for 1 or 2 times but it doesn’t show again for same event.

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same solution goes for you,


Thanks for the help I will definitely try it. :upside_down_face:

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