Kodular on iOS to public

you can follow this category to keep up to date

and after the iOS version will be published in MIT App Inventor, our friends at Kodular can then implement it, too


I suggest Kodular to make a separate builder for iOS
Don’t do like Thunkable X


Any reasons why you’d prefer two products over one?


(I don’t have much knowledge about iOS)
One for Android
One for iOS
Kodular for Android
Kodular for iOS
If you mix Android and iOS, it will be confusing for Koders
Some features doesn’t sink (example: iOS doesn’t has a back button and components may not have and iOS funtions are different)
There should be a different environment for both…

As I said I don’t have much knowledge about iOS…
If both can be implemented in without errors, then do it
So we can select Android/iOS at the time of export…


If it would be separate products, then it would be bad, because different features for different platforms doesn’t allow user to get full experience.

But missing features can be adapted easily for iOS or/and Android while time passes. We can take MIT App Inventor’s Switch component as example. If your Android version is too old/low, then it creates a Toggle button instead of a Switch. Both are same in theory, only look is different.

Kodular is based on MIT App Inventor, so Kodular is a fork of AI2. This means, until MIT creates an iOS version, there won’t be a iOS version for Kodular.


App Inventor (and Kodular) are not following the same path Thunkable did. App Inventor is going to use the same builder you know and are familiar with to build the project. Then when you are ready to compile your app, you will select which operative system you want to build you app for. So if you want the Android and iOS version of your app, simply compile your app twice only selecting different OS each time.


I don’t know about this but I don’t think this would be a big problem. They would just create a components category named “iOS ONLY” and have all the components unique to that operative system.

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I see that Thunkable X has limited components than Thunkable Classic
So I don’t want that in Kodular…
We want all components that can be on android after iOS implementation in Kodular
So Kodular will not slow down updating/adding new features or components because of iOS…
If there are two builders, features lacking in one OS will not affect other
You may ask it will become double work for Koders… Koders can Export/Import… .aia/.ais /.aix between two builders

***As I said I don’t know much about iOS… I am just sharing my thoughts…

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I haven’t tested iOS on App Inventor yet, but there will definitely be a lot of things that are not possible on iOS. This will most likely e.g. extensions, see here:

I have so far created my iOS app natively with Xcode & Swift and know the many differences between Android (AI2) and iOS quite well:


I think it will be possible to develop extensions for IOS but apparently they will not be able to work at Companion because Apple does not allow to send code that can change the app …

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Thunkable X is horrible as it does not allow exporting or importing projects to local pc .


So where do you export them?

your question is unclear


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is it possible to import kodular projects into Thunkable X?

No you can not. Kodular and Thunkable X are completely different products.


Mit Distros(Kodular)
And Thunkable X are Different Products


Ubuntu Distribution are Different Form Mac

So the answer is Impossible

To translate extensions built in Java Code to Swift. :rofl:

Kodular is based on MIT AI2 while Thunkable X is using its own algorithm. Thunkable X is not based on MIT App Inventor. Or using any parts of it.

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And the public gallery stuff.