Kodular premium (I have subscribed to premium but still i don’t recived any premium)

Enlighten me please as I may have missed something

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New members are added continuously so something is wrong however, answer this

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Yes same on kodular

@Vishwas @Diego can you check this

We can see you signed up for the trial, but when the trial ended yesterday, the automatic payment failed, so you are no longer subscribed for Premium.
Please, review at my.kodular.io/premium your payment methods. You will get your badge back as soon as it gets resolved again.

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I got premium on My Kodular,
but on creator.kodular.io not yet

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Kindly note it takes some time to be activated, be patient :v:

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Usually how long the user will get activated for the Premium in creator.kodular.io? I’m facing the same thing, subscribed for more than 10 mins, but in creator, Free header is still there.

I’m still unable to export my project into APK. Please assist soon.
Thank you.

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Wait 4hour To Activate Your Account


Instead of spamming the forum please use the search facility as most queries like yours have already been answered. By spamming you are just wasting everyone’s time. If you had searched the forum you would know that you need to wait at least 4 hours, and possibly even 8+ before your account shows the Premium status.

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Sorry, I’m not spamming, just as normal customer to get support and clarification from the vendor. It’s already more than 8+ hours, but still my account shows Free badge in the editor. Please assist.


Yup, me too same withy you, i still waiting for a more than 24 hours, but my kodular in creator still same to be free, not change to be premium, please give us the solution, because of that, i can’t to export my projet to be APK, because of that, my work was interrupted even though I was chasing a deadline…

Please help us kodulars and diego​:pray:t2:


Same problem as Anisa_Pradila. I still waiting for about 13 hours and I need to compile projects that have more than 5 extensions. Please help!

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It is unfortunate that no one takes charge and goes out to explain, they must believe that we are all in Kodular for hobby or simple fun.

This is the image of the problem and difficulty I encounter.When I press button Explort, Kodular system does not give me the link to download the projects.

1 days completed but not activated

wait 24 hour to 48 hour automatically activated primium

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let see another 24 hours otherwise i dispute transaction from my bank