Kodular premium

I have a question, will the ads in the app show even after the premium plan is over, or will you have to take the premium plan again and again to keep the ads running?

This is only for creator page limits and no where related to ad.

Overall what I mean is that I want to use kodular premium plan and put ads in my app through admob extension. And now since I am a beginner, I can’t buy premium plan every month, I think when this plan ends, will ads stop or continue in my app.

your answer already cleared by @Diego in FAQ

Sorry I have already read this, but my questions were not answered, so I created this topic, I just want a yes or no answer to this.

Since you are monetized you can continue to use ad component but not all ad manager if you are not renewed… So there will be distrubance in free plan after switching from premium

To be very specific, once your Premium Plan expires, your app will automatically categorised into free plan and you’ll have to pay the commission to Kodular, until you renew again.

And, the commission will be progressive! That means, the longer you spend in a free plan, the higher commission you will pay.

Progessive Commission Rate :-

This rate increments when serving ads from an outdated Kodular Version. The more weeks that have passed since its deprecation, the higher the commission rate.

Live +3w +4w +12w +26w +52w
19% 22% 24% 29% 44% 59%