Kodular rejected My application twice

My application has been rejected twice, after a long delay the first time and too fast for the second rejection
I think there is something wrong
I design educational programs that serve a very large sector in the Middle East region
I had made sure and followed all guidelines
Please help and advise in case there is a problem in order to be able to solve it
Note that many applications have been approved, such as this one

Check trademark words.

I don’t think so because my app name
(smart English G3) and already I have another app with the name(smart English G2) I afraid to send the third approval if rejected my app will be blocked

Who rejected it? Google Play? If yes then they must have provided the reason of rejection. You should read that reason and the act accordingly.
Also if Google rejected your app then this is not the correct place to ask for the reason.

Kodular rejected it

What kind of app it is? Meaning, what’s it’s functionality? Does it has any content with which user can interact? Or It’s just a simple webview showing third party content?
Also, any rejection reason mentioned?

Mr @Boban
How are you
Can you please help me?

  • There is no reason for rejection
  • There is no third party
    -The program is very interactive
  • The program consists of several educational questions in the English language
    And many different tests
    And the questions are provided with pictures
    And other educational things

Ok then wait for any responsible/staff person to reply.

If they reject it and there must be a reason, an accident is also a reason.

And maybe also:

Because if the description are not explained clearly, you might be rejected too.

The application is designed to cover more than 10 million children in the Arab country It covers all the English curricula with new and developed possibilities Automatic error correction Training on the basics of Grammar Unlimited number of questions Huge diversity in the number and quality of tests The ability to share the results of the tests with family, friends, and teachers All tests are provided with a timer to monitor the development of our children’s level Whether the parents are experienced or not have a firm relationship with the English language

G3 is a trademarked word. You can’t use it in your app without the “G3 company’s” permission.

I suggest always check words for trademark.
Words like “candy”
are all trademarked