Kodular top sheet

And how are closing that menu?
Also I tried that thing in the past but slide down animation doesn’t works for me. It always give fade-in effect instead of slide down. Don’t know why :man_shrugging:t2:

How can this function appear?

Use this custom notifier guide and set the Arrangement in that particular position.

Clicking on outside areas, just as we do in Chrome.

Let me confirm which animation it is :sweat_smile:
Maybe it is another one.

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Helppppppppp please

Well Help Is Provided Just A Post Above Than Yours.

Still If You Are Stuck Somewhere You Can Ask.

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MoreMenu.aia (128.4 KB)

Extensions I Used -
Floating View

Hmm So @ADDYLIN You Used 2 Extensions
Follow What @themaayur Said And You Can Do This With Only 1 Extension.


I will try to post a aia or blocks tommorow :slightly_smiling_face:

Well your logic is also good @ADDYLIN but then you will need to ask an extra permission just fot that :woozy_face:

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Which One,
It Works Without Any Permission Request.

But As You Are Saying Definitely I Did Something Wrong. :sweat_smile:

Even If Not -


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Floating View Extension needs these permission, idk how it worked without them :thinking:

Might They Are For


Please look at my first video I want to add on click in the button more, the same as the video

You Checked This -


Thank yo bru you kodder :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Broo, this will ask a permission which needs to enabled from setting Manually. it can big impact on users.

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i think you test the .aia in Companion where permission is already granted . Or you have try this block in a application which already granted these permission

Tested On .apk

You Can Try .apk

Build it.

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That is a Fresh .aia

And i Built a Fresh .apk


how it is possible ?? :crazy_face:

Might Those Permissions Are For :point_up_2:

NOT For :point_down: