Kodular via USB does not connect

Hello friends
I downloaded the.

I’m 5 hours away from clicking connect…but I can’t.
I followed all the recommendations of Kodular, but it doesn’t count. Hugs

Something has gone wrong. Perhaps this topic was closed or deleted while you were looking at it?

I still don’t understand how the Kodular community works.
Everything I ask is wrong …
I don’t understand why I’m the only one wrong.

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Start from here:
How to ask a question? - Community - Kodular Community

Also share screenshot of any error or state that doesn’t allow you to test app using USB

what type of browser are you using? is there something error message while you try?
1 Make sure you turn on your phone developer mode and allow popup message,
2 try reseting your browser cache and cookies

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I try to test with usb but network error happen

The only one that works is Firefox Mozila

Have you turned on developer mode and enabled usb debugging?

Yes, I activated Friend

1 Clear your browser cache and cookies
2 Clear companion cache from app setting
3 Restart your phone and PC
I hope it will work

Thanks for trying to help ,
But luv.ak.tech
Developer Aarush KumarExtension

said that it does not connect in any browser.

So how do you mirror the APP on the Kodukar.

only way is apk now it may increase a lot of time but still only way left until kodular staffs fix it

The best thing would be for all developers to migrate to Thunkable.
Kodular this each time

Some friend knows if I can migrate my APP that already has 50% ready for another Thunkable example platform.
Kodular stopped everything

Hello friend, there in the alert of the kodular starter informs you that you have not activated the developer mode nor the USB debugging check and you will be able to access.

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Developer and debugging has been activated for many days.

Developer and debugging has been activated for many days

Are you sure you did the correct procedure? why there appears “turn USB debugging on from the Developer Option on your phone” put it on google “how to activate the developer function” and then put your phone brand they give you step by step then try again.

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