Label / Text block: text alignment

I hope you add text alignment for label and text box in Blocks


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Hi @seghier,
I’ve changed your category to #feedback:iwant :wink:Also search the community there is an extension about that already.

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Thanks , official support always better than extension, i think they can add it

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Without Extension.
In Values :
0 = Left
1 = Centre
2 = Right


DynamicComponent is also an extension


Why , it’s helpful because i use Dynamic component
thank you for help

Well that’s because you’ve said that we thought not using an extension

Then it’s Back Again.

But it’s by / for the use of Dynamic Components Extension by Yusufcihan.


I don’t think you read the tip I gave you. Read?

No i didn’t mean that but for small thing like text alignment i think they can add it easily.

i try the extension you mentionned but i already use Dynamic Component but didn’t know how to use setProperty >> TextAlignment
Anyway my request is for kodula to add this feature in future to use it without extensions

Don’t you know or haven’t read the post?

This is a Solution ? :point_up:t2:

Also Add Font Bold and Font Italic in Any Label Component.


I thought you talk about this

anyway i thanked you about your first post
thanks again

No. I didn’t show you that.