Large Math Expressions

Hi everyone!

I m in troubles with some large maths expressions!
Its easy to mix operational orders and some other errors…

Any sugestions??


Is it really that difficult to upload good pictures / screenshots of the blocks?

Right mouse click on blocks area:

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Do you find difficulty in evaluating those expression? If yes then you can use Taifun’s Math Extension


Evaluate by hand, and bind every step (of BODMAS) with parentheses. Let’s say you end up with brackets of depth n. Now for every “level” of the brackets, assemble the expressions (so you’ll end up with multiple expressions, each with only 1 operator). Add a comment on what the expression is, hide the comment, and collapse the block. Repeat until you have just 1 collapsed block with the entire expression as the comment. :slight_smile:


Personally I just break up a complicated equation into several smaller steps. It’s more blocks but less frustrating for me.

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Hi. Taifun extension is great, but do not accept a “global variable” in the string…as i can see.
I’ll investigate if is possible to edit the AIA… or other option is a webviewer evaluate js, here just need to know how pass two parameters to a function and also return two values.


Which function? You can return values in list

Well, i was thinking creste a new function in JS… I manage HTML CSS and JS.