late approval for premium member

hello dear admin my app status is still pending its almost comp… 4 day and this is 5th so if i take a average time means it’ll take 7+ days and i am a premium user it means my now i have only 23- days and team is saying premium member will get fast approval funnyyyy fast means max 2 days not 5 so please so something

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Me waiting for more than 30 days.

A bitter truth is that kodular staffs promises beyond their capabilities to increase their earning. Kodular premium is going to be a super flop idea which will restrict Kodular’s growth in near future. The response Kodular Premium is getting is a temporary growth, which will lead them to a permanent lose.

Kodular Premium business model can never be Successful!

Why I’m saying like this? Well, there are commercial loopholes out there! :sweat_smile: