Layout distorted after building

Hello, I recently created and app with login screen and input fields. It works and looks fine in the builder, but after I compiled it and installed in my phone, the layout is all messed up. Labels can only be seen in half, buttons are not filling parent’s width. But it works fine… Can anyone help me out? PS : I used spaces, is that the problem?

How did you set the height of the labels?

From the designer…
text font size is 44px and label height is 46 px…

what if you make the height bigger? Your font seems to need more space.

Let me check it out… but what about the button?? It set it ‘fill parent width’ but it is not working…

Is it inside an arrangement?

Nope… label is working now…

can you show your design screen.

It’s because of the shape you have choosen.

So its a bug?

Could be or by design when you choose an alternate shape. Something for the developers to decide. :wink:

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You should keep the height to automatic.

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