Leadbolt ads help?

(Fahad Ahmad) #1

Hello all!

Hope you all are doing great on Makeroid as i’m enjoying great features of Makeroid.
And constantly adding new features are really appreciated.

In this Christmas update, Makeroid added a new Leadbolt component for monetizing app.
I’ve created account on Leadbolt and provided API key in component but ads aren’t showing.

I’m pretty sure that i’m doing something wrong as this is the first experience with Leadbolt.
So, i need help on how to use Leadbolt with Makeroid?

I hope a good help soon.

Thanks in advance!


I will create the documentation for the component later today.
For now, could you provide a screenshot of your blocks so I can see if you’ve done anything wrong?

(Fahad Ahmad) #3


Here is screenshot:


Try the “Ad Cached” event instead of “Ad Loaded”.

(Fahad Ahmad) #5

Tried that but didn’t work.


Can you try this?

This sometimes worked for me first time clicking the button, sometimes I had to click it twice. I assume it’s because there were no ads to show the first time, so the Failed To Load event should’ve been called instead.

You could also load an ad on Screen Initialize but show it when the button is clicked.

Lead bolt still not working after update of makeroid july/ 2018
(Fahad Ahmad) #7

Woww! Thanks Conor for your help.

Working great with this method.

(LS BR) #8

This is not working for me.

(LS BR) #9

When I click on the button, nothing happens.

(Fahad Ahmad) #10

Have you copied API key from Leadbolt??

(LS BR) #11

yes but still not working

(Fahad Ahmad) #12

Yes i also checked and now Leadbolt ads are not working again… My app on Leadbolt is also live.

(Teer Shilong Formula & Result) #13

Ya it is not working with makeroid and enhance.co … both are not working… may be it work for oreo android version

(Teer Shilong Formula & Result) #14

When it will start working in india … why dont you discuss with leadbolt ads network developer and solve the problem… ?? please solve it

(anjan jana) #15

How to fix the error

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #16

Don’t try to turn booleans into strings.