Leadbolt ads not showing

(Mrtaih) #1

Leadbolt ads not showing


We’re aware of some issues with the Leadbolt component which will be fixed in the next update.

Which Android version are you using? I don’t think the current version of the component is compatible with Android Oreo.

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@Mrtaih_Mrtaih we’ve just released an update which fixes some issues with the Leadbolt component. Could you test it and let me know if you’re still having trouble?

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(Nasir Khan) #4

i still facing problem with facebook and leadbolt

(MeteorCoder) #5

This is a know bug by all Makeroid Community and the developers are working on fixing them!

(digital tech360) #6

what’s this…?

(Kimi Paniz) #7

Hello, is the component now compatible with android O or it still isn’t? I’m trying to use it on my device running Android 8 and it doesn’t work.
Gonna try ASAP on an Android 6 device and tell the result.