Leak Checker Extension - Check Data Breach, Password Strength, and Risk Details [FREE]

Hello Kodular community!

I’d like to share a new extension I developed, called “Leak Checker.” This extension allows you to check for data breaches, password strength, and risk details based on the provided email address.

Key Features:

  1. Check Data Breach: Obtain information about data breaches based on an email address.
  2. Password Strength: Check password strength and statistics.
  3. Risk Details: Get details about the risk associated with an email address.

How to Use:

  1. Call the CheckDataBreach function by providing the email address you want to check.
  2. Receive the “DataBreach” event to get details about data breaches.
  3. Receive the “PasswordStrength” event to get password strength statistics.
  4. Receive the “RiskDetails” event to get details about the risk.
  5. Handle the “ApiError” event to manage errors in the API response.


Feel free to provide feedback or ask questions! I hope this extension proves useful to the Kodular community. Thank you!

com.rasitech.leakcheck.aix (9.9 KB)

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Good work, keep it up!


thanks … :two_hearts:

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