Learning Kodular App

There are many people who do not want to create apps because the apps are sold and sold only because this code is meant to sell only means someone does not teach someone to help create dollar apps, sell only sold extensions and sell apps I want to learn If anyone can teach me, then I will be either of them or those who are like me will also be there Aike will leave

What exactly do you want to ask?

I want to learn how to create apps from kodular

I can help you out. I make aia for free for everyone. What app are you trying to make ?

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There are many videos on youtube. Tutorials on this community and these docs.


Look through them and start experimenting. When you have questions you can ask them here.


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The best way to learn is to try out the different components and properties (like Peter said)…

You can see all the different blocks in the blocks editor and it is nearly impossible to do it false :slight_smile:


Sorry @Stiaen for copying, but
the best way to learn something is to help someone doing it


Very true!!

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yes that’s right. i want to make an app too the service will similar to apknite but with an extension pack of inceasing the speed of data that make you downlaod it faster

i dont think that’s a good idea, as if you need a better speed then people will go make it on pc