Leaving Koduler

2 Years ago I started my journey with Kodular. That time everything was fine. But now Old api problem, Bugs, No support for ads approval. I am leaving kodular for all this reason. Thanks Everyone. Bye Kodular​:slightly_smiling_face:


For the record it’s “Kodular”, not “Koduler”.

Anyway, goodbye and good luck in your future endeavours. You can PM a mod to silence your account.


Hmm… is android 10 too old?

I accept this reason but im not leaving, trying to find another way

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I learned making apps here and made so many creative projects and I never faced anything unsolvable if not straight forward it’s always close enough to my goals… I don’t think your reasons make any sense, all platforms have bugs and people figure things out together

anyways that sounded emotional but still I have nothing but respect for the Kodular devs and I think the reason they seem like they slowed down is them working on something huge for us.


yeah maybe so.


Android 12 is the latest version of android.