Let user import his own datas from csv

Hi guys
I searched all over the forum and on YouTube but found nothing.
I would like to allow the user to import his data himself by creating a button. The idea is that when he clicks on it, he could import the data from an Excel table for example in csv and then store it on the application but only for him.
Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you in advance for your help

Use the list from table block and store it in a list… Use the select item block to select specific data

Thanks for yr reply but what do u mean by “list from table block” and “list from table block”?
Thank you for your help

blocks (12)

Thanks a lot Soham but what should I write to “text”? As I said, I want to let the user download his own datas. If you have any idea, I would be very grateful.
Thank you

Curious to see what you have tried.

You need to use fiek components to read an excel file and using what I mentioned above the text should be the tetx of the when read block of file component

Thanks a lot but I would like to know how I can access the storage on the device.
I mean:

  • there is a button “load from device”
  • when this button is clicked, the user can choose a file from his device storage (OneDrive, Download, etc)
  • then the file (for example, the csv) will be uploaded to the app and stored for the user.
  • this file could be read (let’s say I just pick text to begin)

Does anyone have an idea how to proceed?

Thank you

what is fiek component ? Do you mean file component?

Yes it was a typo error

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Thanks a lot but where can I find this extension or what do I have to write to activity starter : “android.intent.action.PICK” just gives me access to pictures file.

So I finally found how to let the user import picture or sound by using Image Picker or Audio Picker but I have no solution to pick csv file from the device or from OneDrive. Should I use Activity Starter? And if yes, what should I write to Data Uri and Data Type?
I tried as Data Uri : file:/// and Data Type csv/ but Companion disconnected and I can’t get the csv file.
An idea?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi, I don’t know about activity starter but you can pick files from one drive using file picker extension from deep host

Thanks for your help. Where can I find this extension?

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