Light mode disabled?

hello there,
i have a question about light and dark mode,
i can make an application with both modes,
and both are working properly if device system is in light mode;

but if i set background color to white while system is in dark mode then it does not work.

many of you might use google chrome and you will find that both modes are working well even if system is in dark mode,

and for further info, i have looked at all posts on kodular and tried some extensions but failed,

i thank one by one of you for helping.

Unfortunately at the moment Kodular does not have the option to turn colors automatically as is customary (and more efficient) to do.

But you can use this extension to know the state of the system (light or dark) and change the colors of the components in your application accordingly.

yes, i have seen it before but i dont need it,

is it possible through an extension or editing manifest.xml to do it??


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Can you explain me in single line what do you want ? i will help you

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test this app but set your device to dark mode and try it
apper.apk (5.2 MB)

the box does not appear when i click on white button as it set the box background to white.

this is also the aia
apper.aia (1.7 KB)

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ok let me try

it is not visible because the screen color and box color are same
Aia File At the Last of this post
Here is new editing

Here is the designer section :-

Here is the final video:-

use this aia
it will work 100 %
apper.aia (1.9 KB)

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thanks for your efforts a lot​:blush:

but your emulator is not in dark mode

look this video, note my device is already in dark mode

and look this video, this google chrome, my device also is in dark mode but it changes from white to dark and otherwise,
but in my app it does not.

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hey man, did you find any solution?

This issue seem to be interesting but the main problem is that the kodular app now turns the whole app background to black when devices is in dark mode so let me build this project with something new ok

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okay i will be waiting
Huge Thanks​:heartbeat:

hi everyone, i found a solution
here is the link


@TNK_studios Congratulations finally you got it after 25 days :sweat_smile:


full credit to @UnknownBeast , a young dynamic charm of our community…


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