Limit the length in the text boxes

Hello, I created these simple blocks to limit the length in the text boxes. I hope it helps the community, as I saw several topics on the subject, and I went through the same problem.

The block reads the text box every time you change the text, so if it is greater than the number chosen it returns to the chosen size.

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Thanks for the time you gave to help other users on your community.

Since you are not asking any question, change the category to #guides

But, before doing that, try to elaborate your blocks like the logic behind the blocks, why you have used that particular blocks, etc.

I for one, want to thank you for your post as I find the info helpful and informative.

If others would carefully read these posts and accept them for what they are intended, instead of complaining about not understanding or about forum protocols, we’d all be better off in my opinion.

Sorry, I haven’t gotten used to the forum guidelines yet. I am not allowed to change the tag. This post is a contribution.

This block is very simple, but very functional. is independent of other blocks, so it doesn’t need to comment on it, because it uses the call (“on text changed”)


you should descrived your logic in your post how that works. so can understand & learn something from your contribution

Since you are not able to change the tag for some reason, I would change that for you.

But you should atleast explain your blocks even if they look simple to you. This would help new member and also existing ones to get/increase their individual knowledge regarding the blocks.

Edit :- For some unknown reason, even I am not able to change the category. Maybe Mods will soon check this topic and do the needful