Limitation record in listview


recently i found list view only can display 13 record from airtable. I am not sure if i am doing wrong in my block. Maybe anyone can advice how to do if the list more than 300 records.


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i think problem is in your Database, post a screen shot of airtable

i can see only 13 items column, so where are those 300?

I can see 13 records in your database. And you want +14 on your app? :roll_eyes:

or if you want simply without any database, use this…

blocks - 2020-02-21T091636.063

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if i add more then 14 record. list view wont display anything. that main issue now.

Add a few item on your database once more! If not works, you’ve to show your blocks.

i need a database for this records.

later will add but i found listview wont display anything more than 13 records

try using offline method , and check if list view is working or not

offline you mean download as apk then install it?

no, try this, and see if list view show 300 items or not.

somehow it worked after i edit in list view properties. dont know how to explain because yesterday whole day i tried and didn’t work.

Thank you everyone for advice.


I had once encountered the same problem .That is most likely because you used a Scrollable arrangement as a layout. You see if you used a scrollable arrangement, even if you set the height to fill parent it expect you to scroll down to display the rest. however if you put inside it a listview and set it to fill parent as well you won’t be able to scroll down hence not all the items are displayed.

hope it helps.Good luck with your project

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Abdul aziz,

thank you for your advice. BarakAllahu fik.