Limiting a list to show only 5 items

Hello guys, how can I do to show in a list view only the first 5 items of a sublist list.
I want to limit it to show only the first 5 items in a list.

Show your relevant blocks properly.

This is the card view block, the global list variable receives all the lists. I want cardview to show only 5 intens from the list. I want to limit to load all the intens, then when I press to see more open all

As I told you :
or do the Select with the limit clause
or get your Response Content and get only the first 5 records from the list, using for each.

Select with Where And limit clauses

But to pick it up again from the database is meaningless, if I already have all the lists in one variable. Maybe I will create an Initialize Local block by creating another list containing the 5 items. But it is list with sublists

Não tem problema. Pode sim fazer outro Selecione baseado no produto que foi clicado. Quando temos que fazer uma pesquisa baseada em N informações, fazemos 1 Select, depois o outro baseado no primeiro, e o terceiro baseado no segundo e primeiro. Ou leia a lista e classifique se o campo é igual ao que quer. E crie um contador para parar quando atingir 5.

No problem. You can do another Select based on the product that was clicked. When we have to do a search based on N information, we do 1 Select, then the other based on the first, and the third based on the second and first. Or read the list and sort if the field is the same as you want. And create a counter to stop when it reaches 5.

Ou faça uma lista com somente os grupos usando o Select List item . Depois leia essa lista e guarde os 5 índices que desejar. E depois mostre somente esses 5 escolhidos da lista principal.

Or make a list with only the groups using the Select List item. Then read that list and save the 5 indexes. And then show only those 5 chosen from the main list