Link Click Listener ?!

It is possible to use the <a>open Google</a> (open Google) but on click nothing happens…

I think with something like the ‘Click Listener’ it will be able to open a link in the browser or WebViewer from anywhere… :thinking:

Why don’t you try something like this?

blocks (8)

And what when I add more than one link in one Label?

Why not add more than one label with different links?
You can do this too side by side for each label.

The click function is for the complete component and not only a little piece.

I recommend you to paste the text (which I suppose to be in HTML as it has links) into a WebViewer component. That way you can control links can be opened.

try this

< !DOCTYPE html>
< html>
< head>
< style>
a:link {
color: green;
background-color: transparent;
text-decoration: none;
a:visited {
color: pink;
background-color: transparent;
text-decoration: none;
a:hover {
color: red;
background-color: transparent;
text-decoration: underline;
a:active {
color: yellow;
background-color: transparent;
text-decoration: underline;

< p>You can change the default colors of links

< a href=“” target="_blank">Open Google

HTML Link Colors

What about the notifier component? The text haven’t a ‘clicked’ block… only 2 buttons (and one cancel button)…
But it’s also possible to add the link in the text and it’s look like a clickable text/link

Ich glaube du verwechselst die Klick-Funktion mit irgend etwas anderen :smile:
Es gibt Komponenten die kann man Klick-bar machen.
Wie zum Beispiel:

  • ListView
  • Textlabels
  • Layouts
  • Buttons etc…

Man kann aber nicht alle klickbar machen.
Man kann auch nicht nur einzelne Ausschnitte einer Komponent klickbar machen, sondern nur die gesamte Komponente.

Clickable kannst du mit “Touchable” ersetzen.

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