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I want to select a Row in an AirTable and then transfer this to my app but I can’t figure out how to transfer the list from the Airtable into a list in my app. Can anyone help.

you are adding a list to a list. Instead, use the set (global List) block, and note that app inventor starts the (Yail)Lists in 1 and not in 0.

I think you want this. Alternatively, if you want to add items always you pick airtable values, you can use append to list block:

This works well, thank you.

The only problem is it will read the first 3 rows in the airtable but as soon as I add a 4th it puts the cells value in the wrong place. I can’y figure out why it keeps doing it.

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Then Please Mark his answer as a solution :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you please explain better and/or showing screenshots of this problem?

The app reads the three columns for the row and places the data into Label 1, Label 2, and Label 3.

If I add a new entry to the airtable, directly via the airtable then for some reason the app read the three columns but start at the second column instead of the first.

If I copy the data from the airtable, delete all records and then paste the data back in then the app works correctly again.

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can you show screenshot from your blocks?

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